Friday, October 29, 2010

Us Last Halloween!

This was us last year at this time...

have you ever seen a giraffe drive a van or a man wear a headband for that matter??

you are adorable!!!

I actually padded my butt!! I dont think I probably needed to...

What a Ham. I started thinking how did Robert let me talk him into this?
Then I remembered that he has a flair for the theatrics.
He would have been mad if I hadn't made him a giraffe costume.

Yup-- we were Madagascar--Hippo, Giraffe, Marty the Zebra, and Alex the Lion. What a grand time we had.

and yes, we have 3 trick or treat bags--!!!!
Did no one notice???!!
Score on the chocolate bars for us.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We found fall in Sedona!!!

We found Sedona, AZ ,

to me it was the most beautiful place.
After record temperatures feeling the 80's was
I made James wear a long sleeved shirt because it was "cool" weather!

There were so many breath taking views and stunning artistic buildings.
We've only scratched the surface there I cant wait to go back!!

I had no idea how popular it was to go to Sedona- we left with about a half hour of thought and planning so when we arrived all the hotels were full!!! Wow! After doing some great searching we found what felt like the last room available! Thank goodness!

Robert couldn't come because of obligations so it was just me and the kids. It was a great relaxing weekend!

a small hike

Look at this view we had at lunch!

The only yellow leaf we could reach! we took it- sorry nature but I was a little fall crazy!!


Good Times!

Our Friends the Blodgetts are moving away next week and James is sad
to not be close to Jacob. We have gone with them this last month to
the Zoo- 3-- maybe 4-- times!! What a blast!

We will miss you!

All the kids saying "cheese"


James Friend Party

James received $4 in a card from his friend Zina in Utah this is how he used
his money.....

This ride was repeated over and over and over again....

JAMES also had his first friend party!!
Here are some of the Super Heros in attendance!

(Notice the large pile of Cheetos by James, can you share?!
Cheetos is a Birthday and Christmas Tradition in our family)

Cake by Aunt Myrna!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

James is Four!

James' Favorite Toy from Grandma Smith

Before the Chaos!

Birthday Bowling with friends Gina, Bert, and Anthony

Max carried his own ball everytime!

Birthday boy with the tall socks

Yummy Pizza

Preschool time. Rob went to school with him
all day and brought the snack of the day-- of course cupcakes!

James' Aunt Myrna made these cupcakes for his preschool.
What kid gets Fondant Basketballs??
Thanks Myrn!

More to post of the friend party that will be this weekend.

Love you James!

First Field Trip

James' first field trip was to the fire station. Max and Cousin Lucy tagged
along. The kids of course were in awe the whole time!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Beating the Heat

Playing at Splash Pads still-- trying to combat the 100 + degree weather

Playing in our garage during the day is the only way for us to play outside.
It only last about 15 min. before the kids are too sweaty,
(They are also breaking all of Roberts tools.)