Thursday, November 29, 2007

7 things about me!

My friend Kim is making me do this...

What are things that you guys dont know about me?...

1. I love exercising, it is a huge rush for me, yet I haven't really done it well in 6 months. I love art and painting but I haven't done that in 2 years!! Sometime I get on kicks like that about all kinds of things, then they die off and come back later to enjoy again. I quess I am saying that I am not too consistant with anything but love everything at the same time.

2. I am trying to practice words to beat my friend Colleen in Scrabble.

3. I really want to get a Masters in Public Health but I am not sure when I will do it- I know I will someday. I also really want to get Cycling certified to teach.

4. I am really bad at staying in touch.( you probably all know that)

5. My favorite indulgences: Nordstroms shoes full price, Crate and Barrell, Estee Lauder Make-up, Costco Hot Dogs, Reading, esp. romance/suspense, skinny dipping.

6. I want to be on Oprah some how. Whether I have done something good or bad to get on the show-- I have got to meet that woman someday. When I visited Chicago a few years ago all I could do was look around for her!!! I vowed if I ever went to Chicago I would see her show, but I didn't and I felt guilty for some reason!!!

7. I belted out "Kiss from a Rose" by Seal last night driving- hands waving in the air and everything.

I just joined the Gym

Final post today! I spent a fabulous day yesturday with my friend Lizza for her birthday. She made me sign-up for the gym- I am already grateful to her. Check out the link at

Rob can do sports and I can get in shape.

Look at Rob's Abs already....

Old Fall Pictures

James is a cutie, 13 months. He loves to pose for pictures and knows he is our perfect child. We had a great Halloween and Thanksgiving. We never did carve this pumpkin, but it sure looked cute by our door. We turned our dirt patch into a graveyard with skeleton bones. The dirt patch in the spring will hopefully be a porch. Little James is a sleep right now. It is always nice to have quite time during the day.

We love Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone. Welcome Rudloph and goodbye Pilgrims. Rob has the lights up and our house is looking sharp. Dont forget our Christmas Party December 8th for all those Cookie Lovers- you know thats you.


We have been bad at blogging. We moved to Utah in May and into our new house on July 4th. We miss California a little but are SOOOOO Happy to be here. We have never even sent out pictures of our house. Today is a brand new start. As I avoid doing work and anything important, I will bog, blog, blog.

We love our house and ward. People are so cool in Midvale. Rob loves work and is using TRAX everyday for transport- go green:)

Currently we are trying to find a babysitter tonight for ward temple night-- any dibs??