Monday, June 29, 2009

The Amazing Ray Smith

Last Tuesday my Dad spoke at the BYU Devotional. I was so proud of him!! I have heard some of the things he has said before but was inspired to be better and more devoted to Christ. If you have some free time I recommend clicking the link and checking his talk out! Love you Dad.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Free Paint Can

I ordered! it is Frrreeeeee- I got Robin Egg Blue for my half bath!!!:)

Look below at offer- I think it ends July 2nd

FREE Quart of Glidden Paint The Glidden National Paint Giveaway Starting June 25 - Paint The Date! It's as easy as it sounds: This summer, pick out your favorite paint color and we will send you a free quart. Then, start coloring your world. Follow the link below for an order form and complete details.


On another note...

I totally stink at bloggin lately- oh well- I have so much in my head for myself to enjoy-I'd share if I could download pics to my crappio computer.

There is so much beauty during summer it is palpable. Hope you are all enjoying life too-enjoying your gardens, taking walks, and breathing in fresh air!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

7 Things you didn't know about me

I think I had this post back when I first started blogging a few years ago and everyone seemed to know most of my items that they weren't suppossed to know! So I have been thinking about it again lately and some things in my life might suprise most of you:

1. My computer is from 1998 and it will probably take me 45 minutes just to create this post. I don't have a cell phone, and my TV remote only works from 4 feet away, I have an old school MP3 player, etc.... Lets just call it "Technologically Apathetic"

2. I had a Capital "L" shaped #2 today. Enough said.

3. I have grey hair. lots of it.

4. I make all my own bread(since christmas) and only make my own waffles, pancakes, tortillas, pizza crust, breadsticks, rolls, anything "Bread like" for the last four years. I use lots of wheat. I also only make my own salad dressings and marinades, pizza and pasta sauces. I dont buy cold cereal. I hate processed food but will eat Ramen. I love whole fresh food but will also get a Wendy's Jr. Bacon frequently.

5. We have survived on one car for the last 2 months while we are trying to find the right van

6. Last year we were billed(and paid) almost $6500 in medical bills. It nearly broke us but it feels good to have it behind us and to be better insured now. I want to live in France now- Chloe can I come live??!!- Free Health Care and the government does your laundry after you have a baby(so Micheal Moore informs us.)

7. I love Robert and my babies more than I ever knew I would. I suprise myself. I feel lucky. I am sure all of you out there feel that same way about your family too. For some reason I thought this kind of happiness was reachable when I would be 82 or so but it has only been four years of marriage!! Wow- and it only gets better.

What are somethings I dont know about you??!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All Things California

Artichokes, Homemade Granola, Romance...

Okay, Maybe all things Northern California....

So I feel like I am ready to go back all the time. I cant watch food network talk about sonoma or look at old friends blogs that are from cali. I do get jealous! And with the house prices now...

I really am trying to plant myself here in Midvale (quite litterally too, if anyone has seen my garden(s) lately:))

But then Grandma Janness came, and Ken and the kids,

...and they brought sunshine, and a big bag of Artichokes, Homemade Granola, lots of love, and a hand-me-down little scooter for James. She said that she had to bring the most California things she could think of- Artichokes! (and she left some yummy homemade granola I need the recipe for and cute little fourth of july packages.)

So for dinner last night I made some yummy artichokes and Robert made dipping sauces. Janness called today to see how it went. When I told her that the Artichoke is a high maintenance vegetable she told me I had eaten them wrong!!

"You are suppossed to feed it Robert one leaf at a time and he is suppossed to feed it to you." She asked if I had more to cook and I told her there were still more in the bag. She told me to cook more and try the new techinique and maybe a little Romance would come out of it (Romance is the sensor word for all children reading this blog.)

Good old Janness with her California attitude..... Love it!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tribute To the best Mother in the world,

Happy Mother's Day! I am using this blog platform to tell the whole world how incredible you are as a mother. We also think you are a pretty incredible Mother-in-law and Grandmother. You never forget a birthday or holiday or special occasion. Even more importantly you don't let opportunities go by just to say simple things like: "I love you," or "I'm thinking about you." Thanks for always caring so much. Remember all the times you were there for me as a child? I sure do!!!

Your impact in my life as an adult is great too. I am so glad my children have you as their grandmother. Since you were here last, we haven't had a day where we haven't done Pony Boy!! Let's be honest though, it is like riding the carousel in front of Kmart (on my knee) compared to riding Grandma's Real Pony Boy.

Enjoy the Video Below!! We love you Mom!! Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Recap of Arizona Trip

Finally we were able to get out of Town as a family! We went over Conference Weekend.
We had a great time visiting Rob's Brother John and Sis-in-law Myrna in Arizona.
We hadn't seen Lucy for a year! She was so cute and big. James loved her.
James and Lucy in the Play Room watching a movie

Me and Myrna at the Mesa Temple

Our Fam enjoying the warm AZ night

John and Myrna

All the Kiddos: Lucy, Max and James

Visiting Long Lost Friends:
We visited with friends Ryan and Emily in Las Vegas.
They have the cutest boys, Maclaren and Rowan. We stayed there fora night.
Thanks for hosting us Emily and Ryan!
We also visited friends Candice and Steve in AZ.
The last time we had seen them was at our wedding almost 4 years ago.
It was fun to see them.
Funny how we didn't get pics of them or Ryan and Emily but we did get pics of the kids.
This is a pic of Jaycee (Candice's little girl) and James playing int he yard. Jaycee liked pushing James in the little car. We watched General Conference at their home and saw horses.

James and Lucy playing outside. So cute Lucy!

Sidewalk chalk was a big hit.

James has been potty trained for 6 months. So when he saw little Lucy's Potty he was reminiscant of his old little potty. Lucy's potty was cooler- it sings when you potty. James only wanted to use the little potty, he was in love. Whenever I heard the music go off I knew where he was. He brought it out in front of the TV because he loved it soo much!!!! So funny to us. Lucy wanted to use the Potty more too. Needless to say when we got home James wanted the little potty out again but it has lost its novelty now and he is back peeing like Dad.
Am I too bold to post this??!! I dont care!:)
The coolest part of the trip though was when we all crammed into the old station wagon to drive into town for Mexican Food and a night at the temple. If you can picture- John and Myrna in front, the three car seats in the middle, and me and Rob in the back seat facing backwards. We kept making out and being goofy. It was soooo fun. Myrna knew how to give the little car gas! It had a V6 so we were sailing. I tried to take a picture to document the night but it turned out a bit blurry.

Thanks John and Myrna for hosting us! We love you guys!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Weekend

Eating the Easter Bunny

Dying Eggs

Finding Candy!!

Being with Family

We hope that you were able to rejoice in the reality of the Savior's Ressurrection this past Easter Weekend.
We know our Savior lives and because He does, we also will live again.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Time has passed. Believe me, I am tired of myself too: not updating blog, being too busy with too many things, being lazy, reading blogs instead of updating. YADA YADA YADA....

Well you are just going to have to sit through this update-
what have we been up to?
Do I have your atention yet...?!
James and Max (with Cousin Meghann) at Staci's Wedding

He saw Curious George Bowling and asked lots of questions. Then one day I couldn't find him so I went too look in the garage and this is what I found....

Note: small plastic wrench and chair, he was fixing his bike!
And Bowling Pins!
He found Roberts old Bowling Pins.
He has them set up all in a row, but when I came back with the camera, he had put them all away.
Bowling with ZINA
James also was sick with a double ear infection.
I put a small TV in his room so he could rest and not be bored.
When I came to check on him this is what he had done!
Do you need to be any closer??? Looks like he's not so sick after all!
Max had RSV:( (recovered quickly:))
He cut a tooth!
He can sit up, eat solids, give big smiles.
He is getting big too fast. I've wanted to hold him and capture every second.
5 months

6 months

I pulled out my new sewing machine and tried to get warmed up for R.S. QUILT BINDING!!!( A women in my ward came over to show me how because I had no clue.)
I think it has been since my mission that I have sewn.
Anyway- While trying to hang pictures and paint a wall, I also got inspired to make throw pillows.
Now I have a little more personality in the house.
I am pretty proud of my litle pillows but dont look too close at the seams!!

I had cut up an old blanket for the backing and for the small white pillow. I used the fringe from the same blanket for this pillow!
I know... you don't have to tell me how resourceful I am:) hehe

Rob has dropped the dentist thing??!!! ( Im not sure myself) but is now interested in becoming a Risk Manager for his insurance company and is looking into getting a Masters in Risk Management through Boston University. He took his first test last night toward his Associates in Risk Managment and he just got his Associate in Claims Managment. His work gives him incentives to do these things too- yeah for us!!!
(Anyone remeber Ben Stiller in along came polly?- the nerdy Risk manager?-
Fits robert well enough I guess he is a self proclaimed nerd!!) heehee.

Asleep Saturday at 6:00 PM- what a HARD WORKER!!
Have you enjoyed the read?? We love looking at all your blogs even if we dont comment.
Glad to have such good friends and many blessings

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Professional Pics

Way over due!!! 2 months ago I had our friend and fabulous photographer, JAMES STRAYER take pics of the boys at our house.

Go to his website: or click his name above to see the pictures. He made a small gallery called 'Children II' where you can see some of them. He has great prices and some specials/discounts posted on the web.

James has taken a break (permanently?) from his professional savy computer job to start his own photography business. His has amazing talent and we wish him the best. His wife Susan will be having their first baby any day now too! Good luck guys.

Give him a call! (I have to put in the plug:))

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year With Homemade Popcorn

Sneaky Advertisers made me think that you needed a fancy popcorn machine to make your own homemade popcorn! Therefore by default you should purchase the microwave stuff in the bags. Well not anymore!!! (Good by Preservatives!)

You can actually make the best popcorn in your own skillet on your stove top.

What you need:

Oil (preferrably Olive)
Maybe Butter and Salt depending on your tastes
Popcorn Kernels

What to do:

Thinly coat the bottom of a cold skillet(maybe 10") with the oil. Place a single kernel in the middle of the pan and cover with a lid. Turn heat to medium high. When you hear the first kernel 'pop' then take off the lid and add about a 1/4c worth of popcorn. Cover the skillet with the lid and then gently move the pan over the heat. Remove from heat when you hear the popping slow down(approx. 1 min.) Voila! You have great tasting popcorn. I do like to add a tiny bit of butter and salt but it doesn't need much!

What a great way to start out the new year whether you are watching tons of football or movies, wanting to eat healthier, or looking for great tasting fresh food!

I have to give credit to my sis-in-law Kamie Harris for such a fabulous treat. I had it at her house and was in love. I was a little scared to make it because I thought it would burn but I made two batches tonight and it is as easy as turning on the stove!! (just don't get antsy and take off the lid... explosion!)

Let me know if you made it and what you think...