Sunday, December 16, 2007


For those of you who missed our Harris Family Christmas Cookie Exchange Dec. 8th, check out the pictures below! We had a great time with family and friends. When all was said and done, 95 people were counted being there including children! We had never hosted anything like this before so we were a little nervous about how it would go.

Rob and I initially wondered if all the people who said they were coming would actually show. Well they did and we had 3 tables overflowing with cookies. With so many cookies to choose from, and yummy treats to take home, I think everyone had a good time. Should we make this exchange a tradition each year??? Let us know your comments. Needless to say we owe a big: "THANK YOU!!!" to all the people that came and made it a point to be with us that evening. We are grateful for your support! Merry Christmas!!

These were our most creative cookies!

The Reindeers were made by Rose and David May. The Snowmen were made by James and Susan Strayer.

My Mom made these ones- go Deb!

Look at all the yummy cookies!

Free Chili!!!

There was a long line to the Chili all night!! We got lots of comments on how good the chili was. Little did people know it was a combination of Western Family Chili, Nalley Chili, Canned Tomatoes, Canned Corn, and Canned Kidney Beans-- all canned food!!! (I labored over that one!!)

The actual Cookie Exchange

People drew numbers at the door. When their numbers were called they came and did the exchange. We gave everyone boxes to fill up with cookies. Cookies left over at the end of the night were given to families in our ward and surrounding areas. I believe we made close to fifteen boxes that were given away!!

Socializing at the Party

Cita's Cute Kids

Matt and the back of Amanda's head

Liz and Steve and Baby Nash

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Little Stinker

James!! What a handful of... JOY.... ??!! Today while I was on the phone for Symbiot, James managed to tear apart the Laundry Room, Living Room, Christmas Tree, and Mom's Bedroom. If only my camera was working! He tore apart my plant- bulb and soil and roots all over, down the hall and in my room and covering the fireplace and coffee table. Christmas tree ornaments broken and thrown down the heater vent. My candles and beaded wreaths(torn apart, beads everywhere) in the fireplace. AHHHHH

This kid needs constant supervision. This is the first day in a week and a half that I have tried to work! If I have to work when he is awake, I close the office door and he runs wild. I am not sure this situation is going to keep working out for me. Anyone need a job? Just let me know:)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I was supposed to tag people for the "7 things about me other might not know." So therefore I tag: Colleen, Lizzy the Botanist, and Kim Smith


Well it happened again. Tears unexpectedly streaming down my face in the Steam Sauna. The euphoric feeling of complete balance, which leads to feelings of peace, love, contentment, gratitude. This is what I have been missing out on these last 6 months of not working out. This is the feeling I forget when I am not exercising.

I am not sure if this feeling is easy to achieve by just working out though. I am not even sure if I would compare it to the runners high or the endorphin rush one receive from adrenaline. This completeness never came to me until I started combining different elements into my workout- namely Swimming! ( Now I understand why people like Triathalons- there is a magic in combining running, swimming, and cycling.) I am not even sure if this feeling comes to others when they are swimming. I think it has to do more with connecting to your inner self.

I have always loved to swim. When I was a child I could never get enough of the water. Maybe this was my universe speaking to me, telling me that I would find meditation and peace there. Then came the love of the Ocean. But not until I moved to California (thank you year-round-outdoor lap lanes) did I discover the peace that came from Swimming on a regular basis. Feeling my muscles push through the water, focusing on my breathing, I would zone out and feel as I was almost one with nature. I could hear the birds speaking to me and the smell the scent of the outdoors. I would find myself often moved to tears with gratitude and this overwhelming sense of peace.

Today it happened again and I look forward to it happening more and more.

I challenge all of you to not just work out for losing weight, for a ripped body, or even for "optimal health", but to work out to connect with your inner self. To say that you have achieved a balance that is unexplainable. Maybe this is why Yoga, Pilates, or Martial Arts has been a popular form of meditaion.

This could possibly come about from other means as well, not just exercise. I know Heavenly Father has given us all talents or interests, that when pursued, while enrich our lives and fill our souls with joy and love (so lets not bury our talents!)

So Thankyou Swimming Pools! Thank you Lifetime Fitness (3 Bath towels and a hand towel later!), Thank you Lizza for making me sign-up, Thank you to Rob who knows how important this is for me, and Thanks to My Heavenly Father for giving me a capable body.