Saturday, May 29, 2010

We are alive

Every time I run into someone or give them a way too over due phone call back they say-- "Wow are you alive??!!"

So I thought I'd post to let you know that we are still here in Utah! We are trying to muddle through all the moving stuff-- We've had our house for sale for 5 months. 1 1/2 months For Sale By Owner and then with a realtor. We have showed it A TON and had 1 broken contract.

So now we are trying to rent it out and have had good response. We jsut are so Naive about the process we feel a little stressed. We want to make sure we are taking the right steps and covering everything we need to.

So we were ready to sign a contract today and I get an email from a girl who says her credit is excellent and her and her husband are looking to rent it for 4 years while they are in school. What??!! So now I want to hold out. We have only had the house listed for 4 days as a rental so maybe we should just slow down a bit and wait....

Also I cant believe how many renters have bankruptcies!! Maybe I shouldn't be suprised in this economy-you never know what obstacles you will face. I am just glad for the Gospel that teaches us to live frugally and save save save- live within your means. The Prophet truely is a seer that can see our day.

Anyway, our goal is to make a decision by the end of summer and finally get to AZ.

We won't know what to talk about after all this is settled- all we talk about is the HOUSE!! ARghh.

Robert loves his new position- he is doing in-house workers-comp insurance for Corporate Pet'sMart with the same company he is at now. They have been extremely patient with him and we are so grateful to his boss and Pet'sMart for being so cool.

We will post pics someday and get back to normal blogging and living, but as for now....

Its all about the house!