Thursday, July 28, 2011

summer in Utah

We've been in Utah for almost 3 weeks getting out of the AZ heat 
and avoiding living in a construction zone with house remodel stuff

Driving to Utah without a husband to help was not so fun but we made it!
We are getting ready to go back and I found some pics that my dad took on his computer.

Benny is so big! At 2 months he was 15.3 lbs today he is 17lbs even-- 5 days shy of 3 months!
Definitely my biggest baby so far! He is a little man in a babies body!

 Pioneer Day in Scera Park
Me and Alison made tons of water balloons and the kids went crazy- boys against girls!
Lily getting James in the face!

 Celebrated an early 3rd birthday for Max with cousin Britney!
All he wanted was a remote control car with a flashlight!

James is always the funny guy.
My dad tried to take some pics of the boys, of course James didn't want to hold still