Friday, October 31, 2008

It's been such a long, long time...

Pumpkins all from our Garden

I stink at blogging.... but we wont go there... again. I think I change my blog template as often as I post!! It is so fun to do though. I am now returning to the original colors we had when we first started blogging. Fabulous ehh?! Our lives are so hectic but wonderful. The beautiful bowl of Brownie delight was given to us by our friends Liz and Nash. They were very thoughtful after they found out the baby had pneumonia and brought over a treat to cheer us up. It worked! This was way back in September. Since then Max has been doing great! He is already 14 lbs!


Happy Baby, Happy Mom. Thanks Liz!!!!

The Professor -- 6 weeks

James Turned 2!! We had a small party with some of the cousins and aunts and uncles. It was a good time. James likes saying that he is two.

IS that enough pictures??!!:)


James my big boy is potty training.. trained??!! I figure if he tells me once a day that he needs to go and then he sits down himself and dumps and flushes then he is trained!!!! Sorry if this is too graphic!

Canning these grapes from our yard was so fun. My mom first helped me, then Robert helped finish. Together we canned a total of 52 grape juice quarts. We also canned tomatoes and salsa and dehydrated grapes and apples. Dehydrated grapes?! not a good idea. Raisins right? Wrong! Burn little grapes is what we got. I later learned at the Murray Cannery that if it doesn't "snap" then it doesn't preserve. Nice try I guess- but no raisins.

More SHORTER posts to come more OFTEN!