Monday, March 3, 2008

Belly Bump-RSV-Invisible Woman, Girl of My Dreams!

Wow! Has it been a long time since we have blogged. Where has January and February gone you may ask? Well I have answers for you!

First I should announce that I am pregers!! 16 weeks down and due August 15th. We find out March 24th what sex the baby is. We are excited to have another person added to our family. So That is what happened to January- a depressing fog- induced by the snow and pregnancy. When that haze disappeared I got sick with a nasty sinus, cold, flu thing that lasted for 2 weeks.

So Second, James and Robert ended up getting sick too. This was why we practically never left the house in February- literally the whole month we were sick. Our dear James got very sick and when I took him to the urgent care they informed me that his oxygen levels were very low- 67%!!!! I couldn't believe it- he should have been blue!! So we took him to Primary Children's Hospital where he was admitted for 3 days and diagnosed with RSV (the nasty chest virus that harms babies.) I was sad I was blind to the fact that he couldn't breath! I felt like a bad mommy but the Hospital helped James get better fast and let him go home with oxygen. He was a pro at the Hospital and was patient and sweet. He was home with oxygen for 6 days until he was a 100%. Now he is running all over the house again, happier and more lively then he ever was before. Now I won't be so quick to be upset that he is tearing the house apart. I have learned that it is a beautiful thing when James has energy becauseit means he is a healthy boy.

While we were quarantined to the house, me and Robert got busy going through a bunch of old boxes his mother gave us this summer- filled with EVERY piece of ANYTHING from his childhood. It has been a daunting task but also surprisingly fun. Some cool things we have found include: Roberts kindergarten backpack that his mom made- and now James wears it around the house, The paper from Humanities class where Robert first wrote down my phone #- we should frame that!!, and a cool mix tape entitled " Imaginary Women, Girl of my Dreams"-what a hoot! It is full of romantic make-out songs; old slow voices from bands I don't even know the name. I now consider it my tape because I am obviously the girl of his dreams. Robert insists that he didn't make it, or can't remember, but it was in his stuff... whatever Robert.
So we have had a busy few months of laying around and feeling sorry for ourselves but now we are back on track and feeling healthy. Day 2 of exercising and feeling good. I Surprisingly swam a 1/2 mile today in 22 minutes. Let me brag- I'm out of shape and pregnant!!

We hope you are well too- I need to revisit all your blogs as well. I promise to stay in touch better and hope to do so weekly. Love ya- the Harris Fam.