Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sept. Food Storage

Family Starter Kit: (Includes 2 Gallom Cans on Hard Winter Wheat, 2 Gallon Cans of White Rice, 1 Gallon Can of Pinto Beans and 1 Gallon Can of Quick Oats) $23.70

Black Beans: 1 Gallon Can $4.25/ can

White Beans: 1 Gallon Can $4.15/can

5 Gallon Water Jugs: $4.76/jug


Good Job Rob on your first Biology Test Score!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Life changes

Those who said that 2 children were easy are gifted parents! It has been a fun but rough past month. I realized today-- Max's 1 month birthday -- that we have taken maybe 2 pictures of him since we came home from the Hospital. Wow. Sorry kid. Today I took some but they aren't artistic in any way. I need to get some professional pictures done as soon as I can take charge of my schedule again. I had to have a neighbor come over while they were napping just so I could run to the grocery store for 15 minutes.

Max 1 month stats:

Holding head up for a short time.

Rold over last night for the first time!

Weight 10lbs. 11 oz.

Down to one night feeding at the most.

Despite the extra work- Max is soo cute, and James has become cute to me again ( he was a little devil for awhile and therefore not in any way cute.) When they can play together I know they will have so much fun.

For those of you who said that I "looked good" after labor- thanks for your comments- but it was all planned. I looked like Death after James so I was determined to get cleaned up before this Labor. I was also induced so I had it all scheduled. The labor was less then 2 hours and I pushed through 3 contractions. Can it get any easier?? Healthy baby, Heathly mom, I left the hospital after 24 hours and haven't looked back. It was a total miracle birth and we feel soo blessed.

Life has totally flipped itself upside down though!! Here are some reasons why:

#1 Reason: Baby Max

#2 Reason: My husband has declared himself as a Biology major (Even though he already has a Finance degree.) Rob is now an aspiring dentist!! Can anyway say: "I am almost 30, I hate my job, what am I going to do for the rest of my life Crisis"?? Good luck- I am behind you a 100%, but am now a single mom 85% of the week.

#3 Ken & Kamie (robs brother) are moving back to SacTown! Ken is taking a job with Neillo Jaquar and their Mapelton house is for sale! I am soo sad to see them go- but I am so happy for them too. I will join you soon. The thought of this winter approaching makes me ill so I will visit for the whole months of January and February if that is okay!

#4 James is now a defiant Toddler with mischevious faces and the ability to say: "No way Mom!" and run away while I am helplessly feeding baby. A guy at a store the other day told me to buy a leash because it will decrease the running after him and yelling factor. What a jerk.

#5 I cant go to the gym with the little guy until he is 3 months old so I am feeling the effects of a saggy, atrophied body and miss the endorphine effect on my brain.

#6 Rob bought a cruise to Mexico in Nov/Dec. We are going with friends Lizza and Jared. You'd think this would be a good thing right??!! But you dont have a breast feeding 3 1/2 month old you need to leave behind. I will be running to the nearest fig tree to hide while I pump my milk. Sounds stressful mentally to leave my babe. Thanks for the suprise trip.

On The Bright Side:

#1 I have 2 CUTE, healthy kids

#2 I have a permanent residence in Cali at K & K's house.

#3 My husband could be a Dentist and get us all free dental work.

#4 I have my whole life to explore and travel- so what If I have to be a home body for 3 months while baby is little.

#5 I bought a Zooper double stroller that will save my life. It is coming in the mail tomarrow- equipped with inflatable tires, and full sun shade for each kid and it fits the infant car seat. Can we say:"Mobile again!!"

Eating Tomatoes from our Garden

#6 I am going on a cruise. Beach!! and a good excuse to buy some fun red sassy heels and a slutty bikini.

#7 I have learned I need to chill out. I use to be super laid back. I have turned me into a scheduling, organized perfectionist fanatic. I want to be fun again. 2 kids have taught me that cleaning is the last thing that is important and that having fun each day and showing love to each other is the most important thing. I decided to live for my own expectations, not others.

#8 Costco

#9 My Good Friend Lizza who had baby Elsie at the same time who is also leaving her baby to go on the cruise.

I have a lot to be grateful for!! If I sound sarcastic and ungrateful it really is the post partem!!! At night when I can lay down to sleep I am happy and grateful. I really want to be a good mom and create a happy, loving home. Please remind me of this if you see me and my face is haggard and I am yelling at my toddler. Thanks for reading my post. We will try and be better with pics.