Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Days

 Happy Easter Belated!

Benny Turned one!! My sweet little baby is huge 25 lbs and walking and not so little any more. I am thrilled for the blessing of a healthy family and a healthy little guy. We had a clown and a bunch of friends and a great night!

Trying to sell our accord if anyone in AZ is interested!!

BTW- we rent out a room adjacent to the garage on a website Airbnb-- its been fabulous for us and has been a nice little income! If you know anyone headed to AZ then send them our way and we can give them a some B&B action. We are loving hosting! we have a guy form Italy coming for the whole month of October should be interesting!

We also turned our toy room into a bedroom by adding a door and moving light switched and I still have not painted this from a month ago- now we need to get a closet in!

 we were in a car accident- Minor!! but not fun! Now Im almost healed from my air bag blisters on both hands- the only casualty was my skin on my thumbs!

the kids were ok! Love my benny boy!

 trying to grow bermuda in the backyard for summer - not so great- but we will see how it keeps growing!

found this bench at goodwill for $15! recovered it with discounted upholstery for $15!! $30 total- what  steal!!

 need help decorating my whole house and finishing about a thousand projects and this was easy to do cause of a screw driver and a staple gun- my kind of easy crafting!

james has been showering, doing his hair and dressing all by himself- not to mention unloading the dishwasher and using the shark! Love independence! His hair can get a little crazy sometime! See his sunglasses in his pocket? a true little stud! He just graduated from preschool so off to K in the fall!!