Friday, June 24, 2011


{ this is us! }

This morning I woke up at 4:30 am to feed the baby.

 Being wide awake in bed I typically start playing with my iphone to see whats new for the day. I ran across the term "Mormon Bachlorette" and was intrigued so I kept reading and clicking! (Google it for yourself if you'd like- pretty interesting.) 

Anyway, the corresponding links led me to wedding blogs and of course wedding flowers which I love. ( I start a business at least once a week inside my head.) I loved looking at all the new couples and their shiny outfits and smiles. A wedding dream world I can easily get caught up in!

Then Rob rolled over in bed - by this time I was on full blown internet searches on the computer in our room.  " Guess what day it is today?" ha said, 


"It's our anniversary today!"

"What?! your right....."

My thoughts led me in all different directions. We were supposed to be driving to California tonight for a week and a half of family friends and SanFrancisco Anniversary fun while family watched kids at "Grandma Camp." But due to Grandpa Claude being really ill, Myrna's Dad being ill, and our House closing getting pushed further and further back we had to put our plans on hold.  I had been so busy with the paperwork and decisions on this house that I FORGOT.

I was then overwhelmed by the fact at how normal our family felt after looking at all the fancy blogs. Good Normal though. The kind of Normal I wanted to aspire to 6 years earlier, the kind that brought peace deep inside.  Ironic I was searching weddings on our wedding day 6 years ago.  Looking at new couples, then seeing the contrast all around me of toast crust, dirty diapers, and toys all over the floor.  I pulled out my wedding album to show the kids pictures. But the fancy photography almost seemed dull compared with the beauty in the room - happy children around me, a life that we have CREATED!

We have been full blown- BUSY since our new baby- with no time for thinking about "me" or sometimes even "we."But IT FEELS GOOD! The kind of busy that is fun and never dull.  What precious Gems I have been blessed with since we have been married.  

I looked at our beautiful kids- being greeted by a smile and coo from Benny- Max being locked into his chair at the kitchen table because he cant be trusted with food and fast legs- James smiling and curled up on the couch. These kids are beautiful and amazing- always having something interesting to say- and they make me smile and laugh a lot.

My friend Amber had written down inspiring words at our temple ceremony. I had kept the paper in the back of my wedding book with a temple handout the sealer gives everyone- generic council. 

As I read the words I realized that I had forgotten some council and maybe could do better in some areas.  As a family and as a couple though I know that we have been doing our best but made a resolve to do even better--- and that felt good- no shame, just excitement to think of things differently, do it, and then wait to see what blessings come our way.

Instead of a big trip, or a fun blog post with all my shiny wedding pictures, I wanted to share those words of council below. I think they were ment for us-- but also ment for ALL COUPLES!! 

We have had our fair share of fights, disagreements, and struggles in our short 6 yrs but we have also had great fun too. When the negative seems to out weight the positive, I know that it is our commitment to commitment that has made all the difference. Commitment means some difficult things like forgiveness, compassion, team work, and swallowing our pride.

As long as we stay committed to commitment then there will be many more years to come. Lots more shiny Gems and great memories to be made.

So no trip this year

Maybe not even dinner out

Lots of diapers and naps today

but, a spiritual uplift that our family will benefit from for a long time!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Pictures

As promised more House Pictures!  
We were supposed to close tomorrow but now another extension has been filed.

Anyway it should be ours before July 1st. 

It is a HUD home so there is a lot of extra paperwork.
It needs to be fixed up with new carpet paint fixtures etc...

So consider these the BEFORE pictures......

Happy Packing to us!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


One Month Stats:

12 pounds
24 inches

He is my real life little doll. 
Cant get enough of him.

Rob's Mom Janness with the boys

We've had lots of help - a whole month of it between my Mom, Janness, and Rob's works PTO.
I've been on my own for a week now! I was super nervous but every day gets better.

The casualties this week while I've been asleep (destroyed by the 2 yr old): Fridge Lock broken, DVD cord cut up with kitchen shears, drape panel with same shears, box of strawberries, couch pillow pink from strawberries, chocolate syrup bottle (thank goodness it was on the kitchen table), multiple bags of crackers smashed on the floor and scattered everywhere. 
Luckily no body parts have been involved!!

We are also adding this addition to our family! 
Darling Craftsman with a reading nook in the stairwell! 

My favorite part of the house by far!

We are supposed to close in a few weeks. I know--so much for NOT buying a house and planting ourselves here but I guess we are! Wish us luck!!