Friday, April 20, 2012


J:  "Mom can we adopt a kid from an orphanage so then we can have lots of food fights?"

Me: "Why? what?"

J:  "Well I just know kids in orphanages get to have lots of food fights"

Love five year olds

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting Crafty

Seen. Copied. Crafted. Done.              

DIY Easter Egg Garland instructions 

I can never get too technical when I do something or I just get bored. I have to just go with the flow so this is how mine turned out! I love repurposing and hoarding ribbon (probably the only thing I do save) so the ribbon wreath is a combination from James' baby hospital gift and my sister Staci's pink ribbon from her wedding flowers. Staci's ribbon is on the garland too along with the Blackwell's pink wedding flowers- I think Spencer Blackwell's? the last wedding I did actually.... Check out my newly painted door and new door handle too- I did all myself!

The "Florist" in me then had to decorate my flower pot so I found some chopsticks in the kitchen drawer made the easter egg hole a little bigger... added some chicks... and walah!

I like to do arts and crafts and have tried to make more time lately for things like card making, holiday decor, sketching, decorating, sewing etc... I takes me so happy when I make time for these things in my life!