Sunday, December 4, 2011

Catch Up 2011

 Photo Catch up and Brief Synopsis of 2011

Play time at Library and Disney on Ice

Visiting Kim in Carlsbad CA with Lizza and Kids
Valentines Decorations Homemade!

Playing Outside
Going to Multiple SUNS Basketball Games - Leather seats and Buffet!! (Free tickets courtesy of Pet Smart)

Spring Training GIANTS Game- 2!! Courtesy Tickets from Work and Free Yummy treats!

Going to Wild Life Zoo for Preschool

Max and James in Swim lessons! (Success that James can swim unassisted and I only have to mange 2 kids now!)

Prescott, AZ chalk drawing festival
Mesa Temple Easter Pageant- moms due date!
Ward Easter Egg Hunt

Benny Born and Mothers Day!
Father and Sons

Packing to Move to new house
The Weather reached 118 degrees so we tried to fry an egg
Family Trip to Sedona- We love you Sedona!!

Spending the month in Utah to beat the heat!
24th of July
Lots of Hiking

Visiting friends in Tuba City

Max starts Joy school in our neighborhood
Movie in Surprise Stadium with fmaily

Bennys Baby blessing
Mom and Dad came to visit and get sprinklers working in yard!

James Birthday- Turning 5!

 His Birthday Party at Verrtuchio Farms in Mesa
He brought 3 friends!

 Halloween!! I think I wore 5 different costumes through out the different events- so fun!
All my skeletons were so cute

Family Pictures!

Decorating the Tree and getting ready for Christmas- we love Christmas around here!

Hope the New Year we will be more organized!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years all of you!