Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Simplifying Life


we are back!!!!!

Back to blogging. Clogging? Blogging! Getting caught up on our Family History. Simplifying life. Writing for Therapy. Making Memories Last. Finding our favorite things.  
Cannot wait to clean out the cobwebs in this place! Come back soon for more.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First "Pinterest" Party!

Happy Birthday Max!
Max turned 4 in August and I am now just posting!

I found all most of my ideas on Pinterest. My SIL gave me some ideas for how to construct the Pinata idea I had in my head. I was really pleased with how it turned out!! You will see me show off my PiƱata via allthe pics below!! It was a fun day. We had lots of little Ninjas and Ninja food! I dressed as an asian lady and tried to maintain an asian accent throughout the party- Im lame I know- but it was fun!

I painted this dragon shirt!

 Made these headbands for each kid!

dont have photoshop to delete address- whoops! but found a place where you can buy invite templates for $6and print off! Cheap and cute!

Ninja teachers!

Max's Birthday Breakfast of Cocoa Puffs!

Sushi made from rice krispies

Sweet little Ninja Benny!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Photo Burst

Benny Biking! LOL

Free Croquet set at a Garage Sale. Its Missing some balls so we let the boys just beat it up. They love it!

Rob's new car- it should save us $150 a month on gas! Tiny Honda Fit- which I love driving over my van so I try and steal it a lot!

James has been busy with Tennis lessons and horseback riding lessons this summer. A family in our ward does the "Horse" lessons cheap and they are super fun. James has been doing tennis for a few months now- I love seeing him deal with frustration- not! but it is good for him to grow and learn. Im ready to buy him a tennis skirt.

Max was too little to do Horse lessons so they let him sit a top and take a short ride. Maybe in a few years... He has been doing b-ball through the city and sad for us he is not a natural but good thing he is only three and its just for fun. Even though he can't dribble for the life of him he can't wipe the smile of his face - so that is the most important!!

In June we saw Cirque de Soleil and crossed that off our bucket list. Kooza was the show name and they came to phoenix- so what better to do for our 7th year anniversary?! It was pretty incredible- we snuck into the amazing seats in the middle! You must see the "Wheel of Death" act in the show! You Tube it if you want a sneak peek. Pretty impressive.

Me and James also went on our first mommy-son date to see Rapunzel at the Hale Center Theater in Gilbert (yes Utah peeps its here in AZ too!) They were doing a children series and I thought it would be fun to go even though I don't have a daughter! Im so glad James loved it! He was able to meet the characters! Then we went to Joes BBQ for some fantastic food! Love me some Joes! We love Joes Farm and Grill and just drive out to Gilbert to eat there- so we have been dying to try Joes BBQ- it was just as good. I had to get a plate for Robert while I was all the way out there. Bring Joes and Hale to Surprise and we will be set!

At the end of June we went to Carlsbad CA- ( Kimmies old stomping ground! Wished she was there!)

We have been dying to go beach camping forever! so we were diligent last year and got early reservations. It was our first Harris Family Vacation! So fun to plan something ourselves and just go! We are making a tradition of it- Every- Year- Forever! It was the best! In fact I made the kids sing a song: "This is the best vacation ever, my mom and dad are so rad....." you get the gist!  I actually made them memorize it and sing it incessantly! If they wanted a cookie or a treat or anything they had to sing it first! HAHA.

While we were out camping we went to Lego Land- pretty cool for 3 little boys- erh- make that 4!

Our camp site

(Maxie Boy)

Constant Ocean breeze and sounds! Need I say more? we turned our tent to the ocean and slept- magnificent. We weren't fortunate to get a beach view every night - but one night we did. We are totally prepared for what to ask for next year though! We also had getto camping gear. Anything we had that was legit we borrowed from friends. So now we know what to ask Santa for this year!
Sandiego Temple and La Jolla

Hermit Crab Hunting

After Camping we headed to LA for an even longer trip! We cleaned up from the sand and anticipated meeting Rob's family for his SIL's b-day- Kamie. She turned 40 and took her fam to Disney for a week. I don't have pics of our time with them? I think she must have all the pics! We did snap a picture of Janness' b-day too- July 5th-Robs Mom. The kids loved seeing Grandma. Lots of celebrating!

While in LA we decided to see Hollywood- we had never been and James our five year old was begging to go??!!!! What- how does he know about Hollywood? He wanted to see the Hollywood sign. It wasn't planned so all I had was camping clothes! Imagine being in Hollywood with no makeup and dirty clothes?? well it was still fun- no one to impress right?

We drove around Hollywood Hills, Rodeo drive, Santa Monica, Hollywood Blvd, and went to the Disney Premiere Theatre- El Capitan. We watched Brave there with the kids which gets a B from me but the theater was awesome with lots of History and fabulous decorating. The ticket was regular priced and they even do a live dancing/singing pre show. 

Standing by John Lasseter's star outside El Capitan- just after watching a show that he executive produced! Probably the only star worth standing on!

(James and his 3D glasses didn't leave his face all day)

Then we went to the LA Temple off Santa Monica Blvd. I had no idea the temple was 5 minutes from Hollywood! What a cool contrast to feel the spirit so strong there after having been surrounded by worldliness. Cool Coincidence--I called my mom to tell her I was in her old stomping grounds when she told me that that is where my dad proposed to her 36 years ago that same day I was visiting!! Wow! How is that for Random. My Dad surprised my mom when she came out of the temple with her friends- he was waiting there by the fountain ready to propose. He had flown in from Utah to surprise her. So sweet. I thanked her for saying "yes" because that meant that I was born. I thanked them for making me :) I took a picture of Robert by the fountain to commemorate the day. He was sporting a headband he found that someone must have left behind.

Farrells Icecream is also a CA favorite 
You can't miss it if you are there!

Being home never felt so good after being gone for 10 days. I took these next three pics on my morning jog. Even though it was 90 degrees at 6 AM - it was still gorgeous! Who says AZ isn't green?? Here are the pics to prove it!  The one thing I love about AZ is that it is Green year round. there is always grass and trees and sun- that makes me happy.  I have felt the Urge to Move Again! I need to stay still because we have a good life in AZ!!

Cute Gazebo in our neighborhood park all ready for the fourth of July!

Happy Summer to you! Hope you are packing for adventure too- even if it is in your own backyard!