Saturday, May 24, 2008

James and Nash Feeding Ducks

I stole this picture off my friend lizzy's blog! I thought it was so cute. We fed the ducks at Liberty Park about 10 days ago and I am just posting this. It was a fun day. The boys were squeeling and laughing at the ducks. It was really fun to watch. James came home with shoes caked with duck and goose poop!! We need to go again because the ducks were not bashful, they were taking bread right out of nash's hands!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Top 10 reasons to live in Midvale

You might wonder why we need to do a top 10 for Midvale. The name itself says it all right?! Well this post is for all of you who might need a little more convincing ...

10. They are redoing all the sidewalk corner curbing so wheelchairs and strollers can more easily glide off.

9. You can pay your water and sewer bill online now.

8. Mid-vale need I say more?? We are totally in the Middle of everything! 15 min to SLC or Lehi and 30 minutes to Bountiful or Provo/Orem area.

7. I heard they are building a Winco grovery store down the street!! This is huge because Winco rocked in Cali for prices. It originated in Idaho and they have the best pizza ever.

6. Location, Location, Location. We are close to a lot of cool places:

--Living Planet Aquarium, me and james just got a season pass for $15 a year.

--Lifetime fitness which I love- there isn't a better gym in Utah.

--TiaPan Trading, Gardners Village, Fashion Place and South Towne Mall, Steve and Barrys clothing store, Schniders Meat Market (where Robert gets pig intestine to stuff his own sausage), Cy's Market (carries fresh and organic produce at killer prices and sells bags of fresh Basil for $4!!), Jordan Temple, Jordan Commons, Real Soccer Stadium.

--I-15 and I-215 access in minutes.
-- TRAX close by - 7200 S stop, 7720 S stop, 9000 S stop.
-- Jordan River Walk/Bike Path access close by.

5. Little old ladies who know everthing live close by. I am taking a crochet class right now.:)

4. Free bingo and BBQ hamburgers in Midvale City park during the summer. James won $5 in the raffle.

3. The Midvale Mayor told us they are going to expand State Street in Midvale by 2015. Property values will sky rocket!!

2. At Christmas they give you a beautification award for having lights up and throughout the summer they give beautification awards for cool yards.

1. The two houses on either side of us are for sale-- so you can be a Midvale resident too--Because lets face it, Midvale is the new Sugarhouse.

Monday, May 5, 2008

I suck at Blogging

The title is an obvious thought that I am sure you have all had about me- every three months doesn't really cut it for blogging but at least there is a minimal update!! This is exactly how I am with journal writing and scrapbooking. I do blame it on having the crappiest camera ever, so when I want to take cute pics and post-- the pics don't turn out-- and I get sour on blogging. That happened today too- but I did get a few that I will post.

Our economic stimulus check- thanks Bush- should cover James's RSV bill just right but I think that I am going to go crazy and get a new camera and computer!!! Any thoughts on that? Should I pamper myself or pay the bill .... Our computer is literally from 1998. How do you keep working?? I cant download video and I am maxed out on pics and I only have two USB ports. I guess I shouldn't be complaining that I have a working computer:)

James is sooo cute and big lately. I have some pics of him in the backyard playing. He is a happy puppy when he can roll in the dirt for a few hours and then hit the bath. Boys are so easy- just give them a shovel and set them loose. We also got this great slide/toy thing at a yard sale for $5. It was worth every penny!!

More James updates include: getting a big boy bed in preparation for new baby (I painted the table and chairs to match his bed!!), loosing his pacifier and now cries all the time but I am sure he will get over it in the next three months, he has a full set of teeth, and he can eat with a spoon with great precision. His Grandma Janness gave him so littel garden tools that he loves to work in the yard with. We are proud of him and he is growing so fast. He gets taller every day.


So about this new baby!!! I never announced it but it is a BOY!!!! We are excited!! Three months to go. James will now have a permanent buddy. Names?????? It is difficult to decide but right now it is Maxwell Raymond Harris (Max for short of course.) Blog and tell me your thoughts!!! Other names we like include:

Montgomery (Monte)
Charles (Charlie- after my dad?)
Teddy ( Maybe Theodore?? but call him Teddy)
Benjamin (Harris Family name)

Other then that we are nameless and clueless. So vote and tell me your favorite name and/or any good names that you can think of. I am envisioning a dark hair, dark eyed little boy.... :)
Here is some carpet we just got in our Master Bedroom! We love it and feel like we are in luxury after living on floor boards for 10 months. Well this is the update for today! Look forward to hearing from you!