Monday, January 30, 2012


This is soooo worth watching. Click all the links. ( I'm a lazy blogger).

 We love watching old movies that portray the future because they are so crazy in hindsight. The cool part about these clips is that they are REAL!! Amazing!!! The future is NOW and realistic!

 Glass is the future!! our Iphones are only the beginning

 I want this on my window!

No Electricity Bill someday SOON

Really Intelligent Guys

 Which leads to questions like: 

 I might never have an energy bill?? 
 Why did I just buy blinds for my windows? 
 Maybe I can really rearrange my living room differently with six large windows?
 Do I want that much information at the tip of my fingers? 
 What bad/good could come of having this lifestyle??
 Should I invest in glass company's????

 Enjoy the viewing!!