Saturday, June 26, 2010

so we made it...kind of

For the update, We found a great renter!! It is so amazing how the Lord works in our lives to give us just what we want and therefore bring us the most happiness. I have had some hard lessons in not listening to the Spirit but I knew that renting our house out needed to be a process and choice that was heavily dependant upon the Lord. We kept finding people that seemed amazing but my gut deep down inside didn't feel right. It took a lot of faith to say no and keep looking. Then of course we found the perfect person for our home! How am I amazed everytime that the Spirit is right??!! I always think of it like exercise. It has always made us feel good so why dont we want to do it??!! The Same is with the Spirit- why is it that I tend to not want to follow it and do what I want to do. This has been a good lesson for me and for our family of being Patient and making Good Choices.

Anyway, How is that for a Sunday school lesson??!!

We packed up our things in a week!! We drove out to Cali and had U-Box (Like the PODS) deliver our stuff to Phoenix. We dropped off our kids for Grandkid camp, celebrated Kamie's B-day, and then we were off to Santa Cruz for a week of kid free relaxation and anniversary celebrating. I dont think I have had such a relaxing vacation since I have had kids. I was actually able to let-go in my mind and just enjoy the week.

We still haven't picked the kids up yet. We are going to drive up this next week to Rob's Moms and visit with her and her parents for a week. Then Rob will fly out to Salt Lake and drive his car down to Phoenix and start work there the 6th of July. I will stay in Cali until the 19th of July or so and Janness (Robs Mom) will drive down to Phoenix with me just in time for Myrna (Sis-in-law) to deliver her baby. It will be a fun summer but I can sense I will be anxious to find a place of my own.

What an adventure. When we lived in Sacramento before Rob always wanted to live in Phoenix- I thought it would be too hot. Now we are going and I am so excited. I think I could live in Sac too. being back here feels like home- there are so many good people here and I love the weather... but for now-- I do not want to move again!! It is terrible- the packing the cleaning it is endless. We will miss all our Utah neighbors and family- of course. But there are no goodbyes- only -"I'll see you later!!!"