Saturday, May 23, 2009

7 Things you didn't know about me

I think I had this post back when I first started blogging a few years ago and everyone seemed to know most of my items that they weren't suppossed to know! So I have been thinking about it again lately and some things in my life might suprise most of you:

1. My computer is from 1998 and it will probably take me 45 minutes just to create this post. I don't have a cell phone, and my TV remote only works from 4 feet away, I have an old school MP3 player, etc.... Lets just call it "Technologically Apathetic"

2. I had a Capital "L" shaped #2 today. Enough said.

3. I have grey hair. lots of it.

4. I make all my own bread(since christmas) and only make my own waffles, pancakes, tortillas, pizza crust, breadsticks, rolls, anything "Bread like" for the last four years. I use lots of wheat. I also only make my own salad dressings and marinades, pizza and pasta sauces. I dont buy cold cereal. I hate processed food but will eat Ramen. I love whole fresh food but will also get a Wendy's Jr. Bacon frequently.

5. We have survived on one car for the last 2 months while we are trying to find the right van

6. Last year we were billed(and paid) almost $6500 in medical bills. It nearly broke us but it feels good to have it behind us and to be better insured now. I want to live in France now- Chloe can I come live??!!- Free Health Care and the government does your laundry after you have a baby(so Micheal Moore informs us.)

7. I love Robert and my babies more than I ever knew I would. I suprise myself. I feel lucky. I am sure all of you out there feel that same way about your family too. For some reason I thought this kind of happiness was reachable when I would be 82 or so but it has only been four years of marriage!! Wow- and it only gets better.

What are somethings I dont know about you??!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All Things California

Artichokes, Homemade Granola, Romance...

Okay, Maybe all things Northern California....

So I feel like I am ready to go back all the time. I cant watch food network talk about sonoma or look at old friends blogs that are from cali. I do get jealous! And with the house prices now...

I really am trying to plant myself here in Midvale (quite litterally too, if anyone has seen my garden(s) lately:))

But then Grandma Janness came, and Ken and the kids,

...and they brought sunshine, and a big bag of Artichokes, Homemade Granola, lots of love, and a hand-me-down little scooter for James. She said that she had to bring the most California things she could think of- Artichokes! (and she left some yummy homemade granola I need the recipe for and cute little fourth of july packages.)

So for dinner last night I made some yummy artichokes and Robert made dipping sauces. Janness called today to see how it went. When I told her that the Artichoke is a high maintenance vegetable she told me I had eaten them wrong!!

"You are suppossed to feed it Robert one leaf at a time and he is suppossed to feed it to you." She asked if I had more to cook and I told her there were still more in the bag. She told me to cook more and try the new techinique and maybe a little Romance would come out of it (Romance is the sensor word for all children reading this blog.)

Good old Janness with her California attitude..... Love it!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tribute To the best Mother in the world,

Happy Mother's Day! I am using this blog platform to tell the whole world how incredible you are as a mother. We also think you are a pretty incredible Mother-in-law and Grandmother. You never forget a birthday or holiday or special occasion. Even more importantly you don't let opportunities go by just to say simple things like: "I love you," or "I'm thinking about you." Thanks for always caring so much. Remember all the times you were there for me as a child? I sure do!!!

Your impact in my life as an adult is great too. I am so glad my children have you as their grandmother. Since you were here last, we haven't had a day where we haven't done Pony Boy!! Let's be honest though, it is like riding the carousel in front of Kmart (on my knee) compared to riding Grandma's Real Pony Boy.

Enjoy the Video Below!! We love you Mom!! Happy Mother's Day!