Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So I never Post- but I guess you are used to that- it must important if Im writing right? Well I will leave that up to you to decide!! anyway- there  is always a lot going on around here. Since Baby#3 Ive not been able to slow down- I keep thinking next week will be the week I catch up or do a project or something but I can't ever get there. I just realized that was 10 months ago!! Crazy!! Life will never be the same. 

Today I decided to shower get back in pajamas and go no where. I canceled appointments and obligations. Im just tired! We have done nothing today and that has been nice. My goal is to say NO to my self. I have unrelenting standards for my self so lets see if I can tame them this year and have a little more balance inside of ME. 

Life is great though. It is true also...I have to admit with a bit of embarrassment(for myself saying I would never like it) -- I LOVE ARIZONA!! Im very happy here it is great. For those of you who said I would grow to love it- I have and now Im admitting it. Big Smile.
 Robert 33rd Bday

For Roberts Bday we went to a cool restaurant with an Aquarium for a wall and he golfed ALL day! 36 holes!! Arizona Golf bug has grabbed him and sunk its teeth in. I don't even mind. No complaining. Im glad he has a hobbie and is in the sun/kinda exercising.

In January friends Lizza and Maren came into town and we went to a cool pool and went to Sedona. The only pics I have is when we ran RAN OUT OF GAS! This is becoming a habit- 3 times since this last summer and every times it is because Im traveling without Rob!! Im so dependent now! I used to look at my gas but I guess that is his job now! He claims he can't make rice but he taught me how to cook back in DC long ago Crazy the things we forget as we start to rely on each other but also kinda nice too!

 of course we ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere on a one-way road. But being stuck with friends and no kids was priceless actually. The best kinda company to have! Ok actually Benny came with us but he is sooo chill he was a perfect boyfriend. (Benny below looking at chocolates YUM!)  I love SEDONA!!! I think Ive been there 4-5 times?? since we moved here 18 months ago......hmmmm Im already ready to go back.

James playing a "mean" fiddle.....he's been taking lessons for 6 months or so and can play 3 songs. Really cool!! HE has ATTITUDE all the time. Im ready for a shrink....for real....ADD? I need to get to work on that before kindergarten. TMI I'm sure but I love him and I think that he's a great kid and with a little help can get a bit better....any thoughts on that?! He is reading like a champ though! So proud of him. Reading music helped with reading words I think. He picked up music great.

Robert heart attacked me for Vday! First time "Act of Service" like that since we have been married. We went to a marriage class for R.S. at church and it worked miracles. He is learning my love language!! Lets say it has done great things for our marriage. He says my love language is "YARD WORK!"

and BENNY... How I love you and want to eat you - spit you out and eat you again! put you in my pocket and fold you up and put you in my heart- keep you little forever squeeze your check and kiss your thighs. I LOVE you! Im really enjoying having a baby like never before. He is so sweet and beautiful. I cherish him and he makes our family even better. He adores James and Max and his DAD. Little benny oozes with love. Stop Growing Please stay right here forever!!

By kid #3 Im done with caring what goes in his mouth and how clean he is.... Seriously he has eaten peanut butter, chocolate, strawberries, fruit, ice-cream, curry, chinese, hot sauce, sushi whatever- you name it! 

I even weaned him!!! What!? Halt the breaks!!!!!! Yes I had too I was going crazy part of that self balance. I wanted to - so I did it. 

It is funny the things you think you will never do. 

2 years ago if you asked me if I would:
buy bread from the store
feed my kids Costco formula
not have a gym pass
Not be growing a vegetable garden
teaching stake aerobics-ha!

and a million other things...

I would have said no- but I am doing all the above and am HAPPY. Life changes fast. I used to think it was so Eternal- for good or bad- where you are in each stage of your life. Life always feels so permanent and eternal. Your perception of the world and of your ideals is like concrete-- that is until a new day comes or you move or change states or have a baby or have an illness or change jobs or whatever it may be- things change and life is FAST! even in those slow moments. Never say never. Enjoy where you are but relish in change and self discovery and growth and letting go and doing your best. Who knows what the next six months will bring? Don't be so hard on yourself, your surroundings, or with others. Give people a break. These are all things I hope to keep close to my heart and do better at.

My cute kids and friends at the Phoenix ZOO. Love it. Anthonys mom is starting the discussions!! 

Till next time I actually blog........xoxo