Saturday, March 7, 2009


Time has passed. Believe me, I am tired of myself too: not updating blog, being too busy with too many things, being lazy, reading blogs instead of updating. YADA YADA YADA....

Well you are just going to have to sit through this update-
what have we been up to?
Do I have your atention yet...?!
James and Max (with Cousin Meghann) at Staci's Wedding

He saw Curious George Bowling and asked lots of questions. Then one day I couldn't find him so I went too look in the garage and this is what I found....

Note: small plastic wrench and chair, he was fixing his bike!
And Bowling Pins!
He found Roberts old Bowling Pins.
He has them set up all in a row, but when I came back with the camera, he had put them all away.
Bowling with ZINA
James also was sick with a double ear infection.
I put a small TV in his room so he could rest and not be bored.
When I came to check on him this is what he had done!
Do you need to be any closer??? Looks like he's not so sick after all!
Max had RSV:( (recovered quickly:))
He cut a tooth!
He can sit up, eat solids, give big smiles.
He is getting big too fast. I've wanted to hold him and capture every second.
5 months

6 months

I pulled out my new sewing machine and tried to get warmed up for R.S. QUILT BINDING!!!( A women in my ward came over to show me how because I had no clue.)
I think it has been since my mission that I have sewn.
Anyway- While trying to hang pictures and paint a wall, I also got inspired to make throw pillows.
Now I have a little more personality in the house.
I am pretty proud of my litle pillows but dont look too close at the seams!!

I had cut up an old blanket for the backing and for the small white pillow. I used the fringe from the same blanket for this pillow!
I know... you don't have to tell me how resourceful I am:) hehe

Rob has dropped the dentist thing??!!! ( Im not sure myself) but is now interested in becoming a Risk Manager for his insurance company and is looking into getting a Masters in Risk Management through Boston University. He took his first test last night toward his Associates in Risk Managment and he just got his Associate in Claims Managment. His work gives him incentives to do these things too- yeah for us!!!
(Anyone remeber Ben Stiller in along came polly?- the nerdy Risk manager?-
Fits robert well enough I guess he is a self proclaimed nerd!!) heehee.

Asleep Saturday at 6:00 PM- what a HARD WORKER!!
Have you enjoyed the read?? We love looking at all your blogs even if we dont comment.
Glad to have such good friends and many blessings