Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Pictures of James

Here are some fun pictures of James in the backyard trying to throw water at me and Robert. Today we had a D.I./ Dollar Tree day where I let him pick out whatever he wanted. I think he felt special, but now he wont take a nap. He has been my little sweetheart until a week or so ago and now he barely remembers what it is like to be obedient - right in time for the new baby to come. I think I will have my hands full with 2 "Babies," thank goodness Robert gets some time off to help out. My Dr. says she will induce me the 8th of August if there isn't a reason to go sooner-- 8/8/08??!! Hope you are all having a fun summer!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy 3rd Anniversary

Yesturday was our 3rd anniversary. It seems like we have accomplished a lot in three years- moving twice, James's birth, and a new baby on the way in 6 weeks!! Usually we have done a small trip for our celebration but this year we did Lunch and Dinner and Robert bought me some flowers at the nursery for the front yard. It was fun to be together and remember our pre-wedding life and talk about post-wedding life too. I have such a good husband who works so hard for us and tries his best at everything. Thanks Rob we love you!! You are a good dad and husband!! Happy Aniversary!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Food Storage

So I have been meaning to put this on my blog for awhile!! For those of you who don't know- our great ward up here in Midvale has a food staorage program. All the cute retired folks go to the cannery to fill orders for anyone who wants to order. They put out new order forms each month with 3-4 different items to purchase. Each month is different. Then they deliver it to your door the first Saturday of each month. Could it get any easier than that????

We have liked this program because it has allowed us to slowly build our food storage each month and to get a variety of items. Also, we have never had to step foot in the cannery-so it is really time saving too.

For those of you who want to order, I will put the order information online each month. You can make a check out to Darrell Saunders and then we can deliver it to you- or you pickup whatever. We want to share this resource with every body because it has been such a service to us.

June's Order:
#10 can of Spaghetti $4.02 per unit
#10 can of Dry Milk $13.30 per unit
Case of Potato Pearls $39.90 per case

Specify the amount per item you would like and then total up your money. All money is due by the last day of each month. You are welcome to mail me a check. Email, call or comment with questions.

"We ask that you be wise as you store food and water and build your savings. Do not go to extremes; it is not prudent, for example, to go into debt to establish your food storage all at once. With careful planning, you can, over time, establish a home storage supply and a financial reserve."—The First Presidency

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Reading

I just finished Anna Karenina yesturday. What an amazing book! I have spent almost all my spare time over the last month reading these pages!! For an 815 pg. book it is a page turner! Now that I am done reading this book I really miss the characters and their lives, but I have been able to do a lot of gardening today, Update my blog, make two flowers arrangements, and actually start cleaning the house (which has been really neglected lately.)

I LOVE this book! I recommend it to all of you for summer reading. How tasteful Tolstoy writes. Anna Karenina is filled with passion, a longing for happiness, and a quest to understand the purpose of life. There is tragedy, betrayal, love, life and death.

My favorite character is Levin. He is the books moral compass for the reader and yet struggles with the meaning of life. He is always honest and hardworking although he goes through depression bouts because his understanding of the plan of life is lacking. He fails to find a meaning for his work day in and day out. Although the life of Anna Karenina is the main story in the book, the characters weave together intricately to clarify what Tolstoy percieves as the meaning of life and the way to achieve happiness. At the end of the book, through he eyes of Levin, Tolstoy sums up life's definition as man being in control of his own destiny and therefore being able to choose good and peace each day. In essence, no one is a victim of life. We all must each make our happiness and do all our works for God.

Love it!!! You should all read it! Let me know if any of you have read it already. I would be interested to know your thoughts on the book. I want to start War and Peace too- any readers?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Update on Honey Bees

Well just so happens that some people who were picking up our free planter canoe were Bee Keepers!! They removed it successfully and feel they got the Queen Bee. There were about 50 or so bees that stayed behind flying in the yard but within a few hours they should be gone too. The other bee keeper happened to call back when they were removing the swarm. Quick solution!!!

Bees are so good for our yard but they were right on the sidewalk in a residential area so we had to take them out. We are totally morally oppossed to killing the Honey Bees considering the Honey Bee Shortage. But when I found out that the Wasps in the backyard are coniverous and eat the Honey Bees- those Wasps will be gone tonight!!!

Honey BeeHive in My Yard!!!!!

Oh my goodness! Our friends called and said they saw bees in our yard and wanted to know if we were okay. I couldn't figure out what they were talking about. They had left a frantic message on our machine. Strange I thought. Maybe the bees that have nested in our backyard fence? Is this what they were talking about?? Maybe the bees that were in the nasty free BBQ Robert brought home from the side of the road??
So I called a beekeeper and he said they were very likely wasps. No biggy right- just go and get some wasp spray and call it good. I can handle that.

Well... This morning at 6 am I was out watering the yard and was admiring my plants when all of the sudden I looked up and saw the biggest beehive ( and the only beehive) that I have ever seen--- right in our tree!!!!!!! My stomach sunk low and I thought I was going to throw up. All I could think about was Macaulay Culkin in the movie "My Girl" getting stung by a hive and dying. I ran as fast as I could to save me and my unborn child. I slammed the door behind me with my heart pounding and slowly looked to see if any bees followed me.

With my stomach still in knots, my curiosity began to grow. I decided I had to take a picture of this- of course our camera sucks so I couldn't zoom in too far and get a good pic. I am posting it anyway!! How funny I thought that I just called a beekeeper last night. Now I am anxiously waiting for an appropriate morning hour to call the guy on a saturday.

I went back to his website and found a picture of a hive that looked like ours for an example. I also read that this could or couldn't be the permanent nesting place for the bees. If it is not the permanent nesting place then the bees will have relocated within 24 hours- we are getting close considering the forst spotting was 5 pm yesturday. I dont want them to relocate to my old cinderblock fence full of holes or to the side of my house as the website suggests!!!! Help- has anyone delt with this before????

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lagoon and James

Cousin Rachel and James

Rachel was so sweet to go on rides with James. She was a good friend and made him feel safe. Even though James is our little dare devil he cried when the rides went too fast and high. With Rachel though he was calm and happy. Thanks Rachel!!

Nap Time

This was right before James fell asleep. He had been crying in the stroller and so I laid him back and with in seconds he was asleep. This was the smile he gave me right before lights out. I thought it was a cute smile saying: "thanks for finally giving me the nap I need."

Over all our day was fun but a bit chilly. Robert went on lots of big rides and Mom rode Puff the Magic Dragon with James. It was fun to be with all our family and cousins.

James and Grandma Smith with Dad

Monday, June 2, 2008

James first haircut!

This happened a week ago right before church. Robert got inspired to shave the kids head so we went for it and loved it! James didn't cry and I think felt like a big boy. Right after he started to flaunt this new attitude of being big and independent and we couldn't get him to calm down all day. He really like touching his hair and rubbing his head for the first few days.
Before Picture

After Picture

He also likes to help me open the fridge in the morning to pick his breakfast - which is usually cottage cheese. He can say two sentances so far: "Mommy No!" and "Daddy Wow." We sit him on the potty sometimes so see if he gets it. He never has done the deed but he likes to practice wiping! Yesturday at church he got a wipe from the diaper bag and started scrubbing over his shorts- a little embarrassing but pretty funny. Hope you are all well!